Since 2.0.24

Avocado provides a avocado.query.pipeline package for handling and combining some of the boilerplate setup and interaction between it's APIs for using it as an end-to-end query pipeline.

Query Processors

Currently there is a single class, QueryProcessor, that provides a few methods to make it easier for constructing and executing queries. A processor is initialized with an optional set of arguments:

  • context - A DataContext instance
  • view - A DataView instance
  • tree - A ModelTree alias or instance
  • include_pk- A boolean denoting whether the primary key should be included in the result set. Default is True.
from avocado.query import pipeline
processor = pipeline.query_processors.default()

# It also supports key lookups
processor = pipeline.query_processors['default']()

get_queryset([queryset], [**kwargs])

Create a QuerySet based on context, view, and tree. It also takes a queryset argument to act as a base queryset to build upon.

queryset = processor.get_queryset()


Prepare an iterable for the exporter to consume with optional offset and limit arguments. This calls get_queryset internally and passes any kwargs provided.

iterable = processor.get_iterable()

get_exporter(export_class, [**kwargs])

Prepare an exporter instance given an exporter class. This passes the view provided during initialization to the exporter. If include_pk is True an additional raw formatter will be inserted to handle the additional value at the beginning of the row.

from avocado.export import CSVExporter
exporter = processor.get_exporter(CSVExporter)