Data API

Field-level API which exposes methods and properties for accessing the data directly.

  • values - tuple of distinct values
  • labels - tuple of distinct labels representing the values
  • codes - tuple of distinct codes representing the values
  • choices - tuple of value, label pairs
  • coded_choices - tuple of code, label pairs (applicable to stats packages such as R and SAS)
  • search - string-based search using contains, exact, or regex, returns tuple of choices

Aggregation and Statistics

  • size - size (count) of distinct values
  • count - total (non-distinct) count of values
  • max - max value
  • min - min value
  • avg (numbers only) - population average
  • sum (numbers only) - population sum
  • stddev (numbers only) - population standard deviation
  • variance (numbers only) - population variance

Query API

Context Nodes


View/Facet Nodes