Nodes should always be validated prior to use.

  • Nodes are validated and annotated with warnings and errors if any are determined
  • A node is considered invalid if any errors or warnings are associated with it.
  • Nodes that are explicitly marked enabled = False prior to validation will be ignored.
    • This enables the client to toggle/keep around a slew of nodes that may be invalid or not applicable without impacting the validation and ultimately the query.
  • The entire tree/structure is considered invalid if it contains at least one invalid node that is not disabled
  • Invalid nodes due to warnings can be forced to be used by setting enabled = True, however nodes with errors can never be enabled
    • Until the node is changed or removed, this flag will remain so the node does not get redundantly validated
  • The node's natural language representation is annotated for future reference in case the underlying data changes prior to the next access

Client Usage

  • Node structure is passed to the validator
    • Optionally save the structure (with validation annotations)
    • If the node is valid, continue post-validation, such as execution of a query
    • If the node is not valid, return the structure with annotations for remediation


These are considered the common attributes across validation. The way they are utilized during validation is node dependent.

  • field
    • An integer representing the primary key identifer for a DataField instance, e.g. 1
    • Period-delimited string representing a natural key for a DataField instance, e.g. "app.model.field"
    • An array of strings representing a natural key for a DataField instance, e.g. ["app", "model", "field"]
  • concept
    • An integer representing the primary key identifier of the DataConcept the field is contained in. Clients that take advantage of concepts will likely need to supply this in order to correctly repopulate and/or organize data on the client.
  • language
    • A string that is a natural language representation of the node. This is annotated server-side and is used for information purposes.
  • enabled
    • A boolean that is used during validation of a node on the server. Invalid nodes will have this flag set to False. Clients may set this flag to True for invalid nodes only with warnings. Setting the flag to True for nodes with errors will have no effect.
  • warnings
    • A read-only array of warnings that result during validation of the node. Warnings are considered unharmful if the corresponding node is applied and should not cause downstream errors.
  • errors
    • A read-only array of errors that result during validation of the node. Errors are considered harmful as they cause errors downstream.


No general warnings are defined.


    • Either field or concept is required
    • The field the node represents no longer exists
    • The concep the node represents no longer exists
    • Permission is denied for the field or concept